Martin Professional’s MAC III Profile is the first product in Martin’s third generation of MAC moving heads. The unit features patent-pending technology and a new platform for all-around higher performance, including a broad front lens and a 1,500W fast-fit lamp with high optical efficiency that outputs more than 33,000 lumens of power and is up to 75% brighter than current 1,200W fixtures. A reduced 1,200W mode is also available for reduced power consumption or to better balance the output of 1,200W units in the rig. An enhanced CMY color-mixing system gives a wider range of vibrant colors across the spectrum plus a broad range of uniform pastels. A fixed color wheel houses seven interchangeable slots, plus open. The expanded color gamut is complemented with variable CTO. The two rotating gobo wheels, both five-slot plus open and auto-indexable, include keyed gobos to allow for gobo changes while maintaining an indexed position. The gobo animation system allows for effect simulations via an animation wheel made of glass. The unit operates in DMX and RDM and is fully prepared for Art-Net II and ACN. Additional features include smooth dimming, a separate shutter, motorized iris, a variable rotating four-facet prism, a linked zoom and focus with an 11.5° to 55° zoom range, powerful motors, precise pan and tilt system (540°x270°), absolute positioning, a low noise cooling and duct system, self-contained modules, yoke handles, electronic ballast, and an auto-sensing switch-mode power system. Onboard software creates a service and event log for download. A battery-powered LCD screen GUI with jog wheel is also on board for programming, troubleshooting, and checking fixture status.