Which ETCP certification is right for me?
The rigging certifications are designed for highly experienced riggers (rigging supervisors, high steel riggers, fly-persons, etc.). The Arena certification encompasses rigging that employs chain hoists and truss systems to temporarily suspend objects from overhead structures in any environment. The Theatre certification encompasses rigging that employs the use of counterweighted systems, mechanical systems and hydraulic systems, usually, but not always, permanently installed in facilities for the use of theatre technicians in the execution of their rigging responsibilities.

The Electrical certification encompasses the installation, interconnection, safe use, and repair of all portable distribution; utilization of entertainment-industry-related electrical equipment; and the safe use of all venue electrical equipment. Additionally, this certification encompasses the design, layout, and interconnection of portable electrical distribution equipment, including generation if necessary, as well as the safe connection of portable distribution feeders to fixed power sources. Applicants will be expected to know electrical theory and the safe installation and use of entertainment electrical equipment.

How do I become ETCP Certified?
Individuals must meet eligibility requirements to take the exam. These requirements focus on work experience (3000 hours); while internships, apprenticeships and undergraduate and graduate degrees can be factors as well. A complete outline is available in the handbooks or online at http://etcp.esta.org.

The next step is to complete the application and submit it to ETCP, 875 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY, 10001, along with your fee. Once an application is accepted, the candidate will receive written acceptance from ETCP, and information will be sent on how to schedule the examination at a site, time, and date that is available and most convenient. There are over 190 computer-based testing centers available across the U.S. and Canada, and these centers are open most business days.

What is the cost?
Examinations cost $600, but members or employees of a member of one of the ETCP Council organizations (AMPTP, The Broadway League, CITT, ESTA, IATSE, IAAM, InfoComm International, , SHAPE, TEA, and USITT) receive a $100 discount. Multiple examination discounts for the rigging examinations are also available.

Will my employer or union pay for my exam?
It doesn't hurt to ask! Having ETCP certified technicians on staff gives your employer a competitive edge. Many companies and unions are either paying the exam fee outright or they are reimbursing examination fees for their employees/members. Please contact your employer or union to see if this option is available.