Gary Peterson, president of Encore Cases, is bringing a new product to LDI this year. He has dubbed them Giant Cases and there is no better word to describe them. This is the first time something of this size and scope has been done in the case industry and with hardware more than twice the size of anything seen before; these cases could revolutionize the business. They are the world’s strongest case.

“I created these out of necessity,” says Peterson. “Our clients would ask if we could make cases that were even bigger and stronger than what we were already producing and the industry in general was providing. So we have built these Giant Cases to withstand the ultimate use and abuse that shipping companies, roadies and any other surprises life on the road might throw their way.”

Peterson and his designers had to create tooling for the aluminum and special giant hardware that is more than twice as big, twice as thick, that’s double riveted with double edged extrusions. These cases will withstand many times the force of a standard heavy duty road case. “The strength and structural integrity of the Giant Cases is fantastic,” says Peterson. “There hasn’t been anything truly new or innovative in the case business for many, many years,” he continues. “These are inventive, original and exciting. The bottom line is people always want a better case and we can provide that for them.”

Encore Cases will be at booth #2452 at LDI.