Elation Professional has announced the winners of its 2008 Elation Education Experience Award (E3) for young lighting designers who focus on the House of Worship (HOW) market.

Josh Johnston of Sheffield, Alabama;
Frank Meyer of Scottsdale, Arizona; and
Yoshihito Takahashi of Brooklyn, New York.

The winners were selected because of their dedication and talent in the field of lighting design. They will be attending the upcoming Worship Facilities Conference & Expo (WFX) in Houston for a hands-on education in House of Worship Lighting.

Josh Johnston was nominated by Lane Sutherland, general manager of Sutherland Sight & Sound, where Johnston currently works in light sales. Sutherland says, “Josh has a great desire to learn how to put together light systems. He takes the extra time and effort to make each show better than the last.”

Frank Meyer was nominated by Thomas Casem, general manager at WCA/On Cue Systems, and Jeff Iverson, college pastor at LIT Ministries. Meyer is currently the youth pastor and media director at Desert Valley Church of Scottsdale. According to Iverson, “Frank’s dedication for media at his church has changed the way they view media and lighting. He has been able to keep his church current for an ever-changing world.”

Yoshihito Takahashi nominated himself due to his desire to learn more about the field. Takahashi is currently a lighting intern at Celebrate Brooklyn and a student at the New York City College of Technology. Takahashi says, “As I have experienced more live shows, I’ve realized how important all the elements are in order to create great shows, but especially lighting because it changes the mood, story, and impact of show.”

As winners, Johnston, Meyer, and Takahashi will receive a trip to the upcoming WFX show where they can learn more about House of Worship lighting from experts and network with the community. They will receive a private tour of the Elation booth and attend dinner with Elation executives.

Elation Professional created E3 in 2006 to encourage young lighting designers to pursue the House of Worship market. “Elation believes in the future of the HOW market, and the rewarding opportunity it offers lighting professionals,” says Eric Loader, director of marketing. The contest was open to any lighting design student, any lighting designer with less than 3 years of professional experience, or any volunteer or part-time assistants working in lighting at a House of Worship.