ETCP is proud to announce that there are now over 80 ETCP Recognized Employers and Labor Providers across the United States and Canada. Many organizations and companies find this program a very effective marketing tool to prove that safety in the workplace is a priority for them.

Those involved in the ETCP Recognized Employer and Labor Provider Recognition Programs demonstrate a commitment to the enhancement of safety and reduction of risk by encouraging their employees and members to become ETCP Certified professionals.

Yearly, these companies and organizations sign the ETCP Best Practices agreement which states that they will:

  • Utilize ETCP Certified Riggers and Electricians.
  • Utilize ETCP Technicians where appropriate?
  • Promote rigging and electrical safety and safe practices in venues where they work.
  • Encourage and support continuing education/training for renewal credits.
  • Promote honesty and integrity to ensure rigging and electrical systems and equipment meet industry standards.
  • Support industry initiatives to further rigging and electrical safety and research to promote safer venues.

Those who accept these Best Practices stand behind the knowledge, skill and dedication to safety of their ETCP Certified Technicians.

ETCP Recognized Employers and Labor Providers are listed on the ETCP website and may utilize the special ETCP Recognized logo which identifies them as either an “Employer of ETCP Certified Technicians” or a “Provider of ETCP Certified Technicians.” This logo may be used on company letterhead, on a website, and in advertising materials. If you are interested in having your organization ETCP Recognized, please go to and download the Best Practices Agreement and return it to the ETCP office.

Employers, you can show your commitment to safety and excellence by hiring ETCP Certified Technicians! Having ETCP Certified Technicians in your lead positions, sets you apart from your competitors, so encourage your employees to look towards certification today.