VJ/video content provider Vello Virkhaus, CEO of V Squared Labs in LA, is a star on the visual club circuit and contemporary electronic music scene. He has also worked with Billy Idol, Coldplay, 50 Cent, Puff Daddy, and The Police. “The video element is introduced during the second song of the set, ‘Synchronicity,’ when vibrant paint strokes created by Vello Virkhaus and inspired by the album cover play over the VersaTubes and then live images of the band appear,” says Hannah Kate Kinnersly in Live Design. “One of the most striking video images, created by Virkhaus with Josh Reece and Casey McClean, was used during the song ‘Walking In Your Footsteps.’ Using Maya 3D animation software they created a dinosaur skeleton based created a dinosaur skeleton based on a brachiosaurus but with a tyrannosaurus skull that walked from one side of the video screens to the other, tail swishing over live images of the band.”

Virkaus recently created high-energy video images for a 360° screen at the new club, Rok Vegas, at New York, New York on the Las Vegas strip: 25 minutes of 12,000-pixel-wide content with rock and roll imagery in keeping with the club’s edgy theme. “In spite all of the lighting gear, the video creates the primary entertainment package for the visual side of the club,” says Lieberman, LD for Rok Vegas.

“Vello is GREAT,” affirmed Mode Studio’s principal projection designer Bob Bonniol, creative consultant for the Live Design Projection Master Classes at LDI, when asked about having Virkhaus join projection pros Bruce Rodgers, Allen Wells, Sean Cagney, and Robb Pope. For additional information about the Projection Master Classes, October 22-23 at LDI2008 in Las Vegas, and online registration: click here.