Vari-Lite (Booth #2600) has debuted the VL2500 Spot and VL2500 Wash luminaires. In the VL2500 luminaires, Vari-Lite has added an improved CYM color-mixing system, a coated glass dimmer wheel, and a separate dual-blade strobe system to its Series 2000 product line.

The CYM color-mixing system provides color options from pastels to deep colors. The color-mixing system responds almost like a fixed color wheel, so designers can quickly snap from one color to the next. The fixtures also have an 11-slot fixed color wheel.

A higher resolution coating process is used on the dichroic CYM wheels, resulting in a more even color mix. They also now feature separate dimmer and strobe systems that provide a smooth dimming curve and fast strobe action. The fixtures are also built with a beam size iris motor that is quieter than the motors in the original Series 2000 fixtures. The pan and tilt motors on the fixtures -- the same ones used in the 1200W Series 3000 luminaires–-are more powerful, provide more torque, and are quieter.

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