Now in full production and out on tour, the PanaBeam™XR2 from Morpheus Lights (Booth #1400) offers an extended range of creative options. At ETS-LDI2004, designers and programmers can explore the XR2’s full potential in "hands-on" programming with their choice of console.

PanaBeam™XR2’s servo drives and commutators on both pan and tilt offer: unlimited rotation with velocity control; positional control in 270, 360, and 540 modes; speeds up to three times faster than other fixtures; and smooth low speed moves.

The XR2’s color system produces: a wider range of colors, including a real red; fast color bumps; smooth color fades, plus variable, extended CTO adjustment.

The XR2’s beam-effects system is unique: three stages of beam modifiers, two indexing and rotating, create both oval and rectangular beams in any orientation. A variety of patterns produce shimmering kaleidoscopic effects.