LDI-ETS 2004 attendees were treated to an early morning treat on Friday as several manufacturers presented information on their new lighting products at the Lighting Technology Breakfast at the plush Venetian Hotel. The presenters showed their wares in a packed house with hundreds in attendance. Leviton sponsored the breakfast.

The companies who presented were: NSI Colortan, a Leviton Company (Booth 2717), Enttec (Booth 2241), Apollo Design Technology Inc. (Booth 2720), Strand Lighting (Booth 3216), Selador, Interactive Technologies (Booth 2839), Strong Lighting (Booth 1024), B-Sure-Company (Booth 735), Electronic Theatre Controls Booth 3300), G-Lec (Booth 424), Advanced Lighting Systems (Booth 3644), City Theatrical (Booth 2221), Light N Trax (Booth 547), Selecon (Booth 3129), Lex Products (Booth 1238), Dove Systems (Booth 1212), Tempest Lighting (Booth 2924), Robert Juliat (Booth 1335), Baxter Controls, Swisson of America Corp. (Booth 2428), Lamina Ceramics (Booth 728), Doug Fleenor Design (Booth 1821), A.C.T. Lighting (Booth 2605), Leprecon (Booth 2635), and Sand Network Systems (Booth 3607).

This year featured a special event for all Breakfast attendees--various members of the ESTA Controls Protocol Working Group prepared an update and presentation on CAN and DMX. In addition to the presentation, Peter Willis of Howard Eaton Lighting Ltd., Hans Lau and Yngue Sandbo from Sandnet Systems also prepared a working demonstration using the new technology. There will be two special seminars on RDM and CAN during the ETS-LDI show.