Syncrolite is launching the following new products at Booth #843:

The MX 1000 features enhanced mercury arc technology in a lightweight, single phase universal voltage automated searchlight with compact digital supply. This is the most compact and lightweight searchlight type unit in the Syncrolite line.

The MX 2000 is a compact 2000W Xenon unit, suited for television or long throw wash/spot or big beam looks. It includes dual gel scroller, weighs approximately 75 lbs. (plus external Syncrolite ballasts), and is available either as an individual or rack mountable unit.

The SX3K-Q was inspired by Yves Aucoin for the SX3Ks installed in the Celine Dion theatre. Two years later, this "quiet" 3K has an acoustically dampened interior, sound deadening paint, fan baffle, and automated fan speed control for programming and show modes.

The SX7K/UV is an automated lighting system custom built for a major theme park and is now available as a standard product. This is a powerful long-throw UV projector with full automation, including 16-bit, 540-degree pan, 220-degree tilt, variable beam, and douser.

The SX10K is an extremely powerful automated searchlight, due to proprietary high performance output technology and enhanced internal cooling.

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