Strand Lighting (Booth # 3216) has announced the introduction of the OneLight PAR and OneLight Fresnel, as well as other new products to be exhibited.

Both of these new 575W MSR daylight luminaires feature an integrated ballast and igniter. The units feature quiet, flicker-free operation with their integral electronic ballasts. The OneLight PAR and Fresnel join the 150W and 250W CDM fresnels that also have integrated ballasts. All of these products are suited to a wide range of film, television, and special event lighting.

Also new at the show is the 5000W Tungsten PAR Light. This dimmable high wattage PAR provides an extremely high level of light output.

Strand’s new version 2.8.5 software, with a number of enhancements, is also available for 300 and 500 series desks. Key features include extended luminaire attributes to support Catalyst luminaires and a new TrackBack command. New software is also being release for the wireless PDA-based remotes.

The new Accent DMX control stations, for use with all Strand digital dimmers, are designed for theaters and a range of architectural applications. Each station can support up to 48 dimmers with two, four, or eight presets. Stations can be linked together and form systems with up to eight stations in eight rooms.

The new SST dimmer modules will also be exhibited. Sinewave dimmers such as these provide true silent lamp operation and less than 1% harmonic distortion.

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