The Alex and Ginger followspots are 2000 W tungsten versions of the Manon and Topaze by Robert Juliat (Booth 1335).

Alex is a long throw followspot with a zoom range of 7--14.5 degrees. Ginger is a wide angle unit with a zoom range of 13.5--27 degrees. Both followspots include all standard Robert Juliat features including even beam quality, completely closing iris, and dimming shutter.

Also from Robert Juliat is the Espion DMX analyzer, a battery-powered, hand held, diagnostic tool with features that include cable testing, signal input, signal output with macros, memory recording, data diagnostics and correction, and moving light libraries. Espion can be connected to a PC through a USB port and is supplied with softwared that allows real time data display and control applications. Espion comes with a leather case and a belt clip.

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