Prina LLC (booth #1965) introduces the Prina Water Screen (Prina WS), which was designed to meet the needs of professionals and vendors within the audio-visual and lighting industry.

The Prina WS, built with 100% aluminum, is lightweight, durable, and easy to transport and set up. The seven-foot-wide water screen can expand to almost any size. Its modular and compatible with any equipment provided by other companies. Because it conceals all the hoses and doesn’t require trusses or special rigging, it may be placed almost anywhere in a venue. In addition, different images may be projected on both sides of the screen.

"The Prina Water Screen was developed through close collaboration with industry leaders in response to the growing demand for professional, high-quality, durable water screens that provide companies with significant returns on their investments,” says Adolfo Prina, president of Prina LLC, which has headquarters in Miami.

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