Philips (booth #413)introduces a new 1200W Single Ended MSR Gold ™ for SSTV applications. The new bulb, a compact single ended lamp with a very short arc, creates up to 30% higher brightness compared to current available light sources. It also brings the purest possible white color on stage thanks to the MSR Gold customized HID lamp filling, according to Philips.

The 1200 MSR has a color temperature of 6200K and a color rendering (CRI) of 85 with a lifetime of 750 hours.

Clickfit ™ system

This new single ended concept has a patented new compact Clickfit™ lamp holder concept. This system is developed by Philips and Bender & Wirth and makes lamp replacement easy. The Clickfit system makes it possible to replace and adjust the lamp in just seconds--very useful in difficult stage conditions.

The overall lamp length, including the lamp holder, has been reduced by more than 25%. This makes more compact fixture and lighter fixture designs possible in the future. The range includes the patented Philips P3 technology. This provides greater reliability and improved quality and freedom in any burning position by a special chromium pinch coating. Next to that, the Golden lamp pins ensure the best possible current transfer, even at the highest temperatures (500C).

Leading fixture manufacturers are introducing fixtures for various applications in the market (e.g., Robe and Selecon)

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