“With LEDs, everything in the last 12 months has changed. LEDs were considered just for scenery and Philips is now approaching a quality of LED that can be considered for tungsten replacement with a much lower carbon footprint and giving the lighting community limitless color options,” says Bobby Harrell, controls manager at Strand Lighting-Philips Entertainment, who will be teaching the Philips LED Fusion class at LDI.

“The art of lighting does not have to suffer just because designers, architects, engineers and others are looking for greener solutions to architectural and theatrical lighting," Harrell explains. "LEDs can now be natural and realistic and we want to show the architectural and theatrical design community that there are better tools now than ever before. We want to give you the tools and have you bring us ideas. We want to show the payback of LEDs versus tungsten. We want to show the benefits for touring applications. We want to show the immense amount of light versus the energy consumed. We want to show what a dimmer-less show "can" look like.”

The class will begin with a look at the arsenal of Philips LED products from Strand and Color Kinetics as well as the Vari-Lite VLX: LED fixtures, LED movers, LED strips, architectural control, entry-level theatrical control, and professional theatrical control via Strand's PaletteOS. Plus a look at what the fixtures do. Single shadow, comparison to tungsten, natural color selection, focus, zoom, beam shaping, 16 bit color fades, color fades on LED vs tungsten (color shift), Kelvin color temperature selection. Green facts and features. Much of this will be done by lighting a backdrop and a dressed mannequin to look at color.

“We'll discuss the payback vs upfront costs,” Harrell adds. “We'll cover the basics of stage lighting from an LED perspective. We'll show that there no longer has to be any compromise with LED. A better solution.The beginning of the class is what and why. The further we advance into the class, on day two, the more we get into the how.

Register for the Philips Fusion class and be part of the LED revolution.

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