Pathway (Booth #2842) introduces the GRAY 8-way RDM Repeater, providing full ESTA-RDM (Draft) support with useful configuration and routing features.

RDM is a powerful new DMX enhancement that is being offered by a growing number of DMX equipment manufacturers. It allows users to discover, configure, and monitor RDM enabled dimmers, scrollers, automated lights, and other DMX devices.

The RDM Repeater has been designed to not just pass through all RDM data, but it adds an important level of user configurability through an LCD display and navigation buttons. For example, if connected devices are a mix of RDM and conventional DMX devices, there may be undesired interaction between the RDM devices and the conventional devices. The Gray RDM Repeater permits users to enable or disable RDM for each of the eight outputs, as well as the input, to eliminate this concern.

Other usability-enhancing features include: fuseless, “self-healing” input and output protection so that users never have to open the box to replace a fuse after connecting a damaged DMX cable; built-in DMX troubleshooting tools such Display Levels and DMX speed adjustments; updating of firmware via USB connection (once the RDM protocol is approved).

Available with front or rear mounted connectors, the Gray RDM Repeater is offered in 5-pin, 3-pin, and terminal strip configurations and is ETL listed.

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