OSRAM (Booth #612) is showcasing an expanded line of SharXS HTI series of double-ended metal halide lamps specially designed for special effects, entertainment, and architectural lighting applications, and for use in fixtures having similar footprint designs. Available in 200, 400, 575, 700 and 1200W versions, the lamps employ eXtreme Seal (XS) technology, a standardization of overall lengths, and a short arc. XS technology enables the lamps to successfully withstand thermal stress of up to 450°C.

As an enhancement to the SharXS HTI lamp series, OSRAM also introduces the SFc10-4 pre-focus socket, specifically designed to work with all lamps in the series. It can be wired from either end and includes key lock features for pre-focus that ensure accurate lamp insertion.

OSRAM Display/Optic has introduced a long-life version of its QXL™ 750/77 (750W, 77V) Quick eXchange Lamp. The new version extends the lamp’s life from 300 hours to 1500 hours. The QXL long version was recently approved by Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. (ETC). It is a high performance halogen with a compact four filament design that utilizes eXtreme Seal (XS) Technology. Designed with patents pending by ETC, the lamp is used with the ETC Source Four™ Revolution™ automated ellipsoidal lighting fixture.

Also from the Display/Optic division are OSRAM Planon and OSRAM Linex. The mercury-free Planon flat lamp technology provides benefits to liquid crystal display (LCD) and other display applications. Debuting in 1997, the Planon lamp system has been commercialized and is now available in panel diagonals from 10.4” to 21.3” for industrial displays, signage, and effect/architectural illumination purposes. At well under 10 mm thin with extremely uniform and high luminance up to 10,000 nits (cd/m2), this lamp integrates into advanced lighting designs and applications in sizes that fit most standard displays. The lamps are available in several color temperatures and with inverters of different types, each with life of up to 100,000 hours (MTTH), as well as dimmability.

The mercury-free Linex linear fluorescent excimer lamp is suited for a variety of applications, including backlighting and edge lighting signage, and for applications where resilience in extreme temperature ranges, rapid lamp switching, and consistent color are required. Also appropriate for effect lighting, entertainment, industrial inspection, and office automation applications, it features a fluorescent triphosphor coating and produces high color rendering white light at an illuminance of up to 80,000 lux at 8 mm from the aperture. Without mercury in the discharge, the phosphor and glass of the Linex lamps will not darken over time.

OSRAM has also introduced the patented HPR 575/115 High Performance Reflector Tungsten Halogen Lamp. Representing its family of high performance halogen lamps for theatrical, concert, and architectural applications, the lamp has been engineered for maximum light collection efficiency in Unipar, parabolic, and ellipsoidal fixtures that use G9.5 base lamps. The unique location of the reflector reduces the number of lumens lost through the rear of the lamp, while increasing the forward number lumens projected in PAR and ellipsoidal fixtures. Unipar is a trademark of Unipar Lighting Corp. USA.

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