Littlite are at ETS-LDI (Booth #1002) with a redesigned Littlite Weighted Base, with easier portability and new look. Slightly lighter in weight than the old Weighted Base, the new WB features a cavity for cord set stowage and a durable, glossy black finish. Littlite lampsets can be mounted from underneath the base or directly on top of the base.

Littlite also announces a new mounting accessory, the Rakit. The Rakit mounting bracket allows for the addition of a Littlite lampset to any standard equipment rack without losing a rack space. This bracket enables the user to piggyback a Littlite using the existing rack rail and screws. The bracket is offset to clear that rack lid when closed and can be mounted on either side of the rack.

The lampset can be permanently attached to the bracket with mounting screws or, if a detachable light is preferred, snap mount can be used to secure the Littlite to the Rakit.

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