LDInstitute On The Road

December 11-13, 2013

Two in-depth hands-on courses in Los Angeles offer two days of training on the grandMA2 console and a three-day Hippo School, in conjunction with Live Design's second annual TV Lighting Master Classes to be held December 5 & 6, and fourth annual Live Design Concert Master Classes on December 7 & 8 at USC, plus the new Electronic Dance Music Master Classes in a club setting at Avalon Hollywood on December 9 & 10.

A.C.T Lighting/grandMA2 console training

Two-day course: December 11 & 12

A.C.T Lighting

5308 Derry Avenue

Agoura Hills, CA. 91301

7 ETCP renewal credits

$395 ($495 after 10/31)

Class Limit: 8


Level Two training on MA Lighting’s grandMA2 console is full-blown, two-day programmer training aimed at experienced console programmers and lighting designers. Participants must have a basic understanding of automated fixtures and DMX, but do not need to have previous experience with the grandMA range. Learn how to work with automated fixtures using the grandMA from console set-up to playback, including advanced programming techniques, tricks and tools.

Target Audience: Lighting designers and programmers with an understanding of automated fixtures, DMX and basic programming who are interested in learning the grandMA2 console.

Session Highlights:

1. Console set up

2. Basic programming techniques

3. Advanced programming techniques

4. Playback options

5. Network administration (including connections to grandMA video and 3D)


TMB/Hippo School

Three-day course: December 11-13


527 Park Avenue

San Fernando, CA 91340

10.5 ETCP Renewal Credits

$395 ($495 after 10/31)

Class limit 12


Created for programmers and professional designers with video, lighting, and production backgrounds, Hippo School provides participants with everything required to set up and program a show. From timeline programming and screen warping to Automation integration and VideoMapper LED and projection layout. To ensure focused hands-on training is achieved, class size is limited to 2 participants per machine at a total of 12 participants; therefore, pre-registration is necessary.

Hippotizer V3 product line and features

System setup and configuration

Navigating the interface

Managing media

ScreenWarping and projection masking

Basic Hippotizer functions

Timeline programming

Advanced Timeline programming with Group Controller

DMX control of Hippotizers

Serial control

PinBridge programming

Media Frame-Synchronization

PixelMapping with ArtNet and KiNet

Uberpan multi-screen software

VideoMapping with LED tiles

Setting up & implementing an Uberpan system

Programming media creation for Uberpan systems

Day 1: Basic Training

An overview of the Hippotizer product line, featuring system setup, basic controls, managing media, screen warping, edge-blending, live projection masking and basic timeline programming. Examples and time for questions is also included. This first day of the 3-day Hip 

Day 2: I/O Training

Advanced input and output feature of the Hippotizer V3 system featuring advanced timeline programming with Group Controller, DMX connectivity, Automation integration, custom control protocols, Timecode, MIDI, OSC, RS232, PinBridge and synchronization. Projects are integrated into the training and time for questions is also included.

Day 3: Projects & Mapping Technology Training

Multiple advanced practical projects will be assigned for participants to put their new found skills in action. Instruction will also include PixelMapper with ArtNet and KiNet integration, VideoMapper LED and projection layout. Participants will walk step-by-step through setting up and implementing