BlackTrax is a motion tracking system for people and objects that operates in realtime and is designed to work with Cast’s BlackBox system. It works using a proprietary sensor device that is placed on the moving object(s), giving tracking information for what the company calls “Six Degrees of Freedom”—X, Y, and Z coordinates, roll, pitching, and yaw angles. The system monitors the velocity of the object(s) in motion, as well as provides spatial relationships between objects and people in a 3D space. Each moving object or person is an individually measurable set of data, completely distinguished from the next. The system is safe and uses redundant monitoring of several varieties to track the people and objects. When line of sight is breached, which is the primary mode of tracking, inertial movement and X, Y, and Z parameters are still maintained until the person(s) or object(s) come back into the line of sight.

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