Jem Smoke/Martin Professional (Booths #850 and 855) is debuting the intelligent Jem Hydra fog system, which allows users to control multiple fog heads from one base unit. It offers control up to 16 fog heads from an easy-to-control base unit and eliminates precarious high-wire refills thanks to a ground-based fluid supply.

All heads can be individually controlled, so users can trigger a single fog head or multiple heads at a time. Each 1.5kW fog head (1.2 kW in the US) is capable of delivering anything from a high volume of dense white fog to a translucent canopy of haze.

The base unit can hold either one or two 25-liter fluid containers and accepts a large variety of fluids for different effect options. The temperature of the fog heads is automatically adjusted to match the particular fluid.

Each fog head can be placed up to 30 meters from the DMX-controlled base unit and 20 meters up in inaccessible areas such as high in trussing, ceilings or under floors, while the fluid supply and pump system is installed in a more convenient location.

The system includes a number of safety features, including a leak detection system that automatically shuts off the system in the event of a fluid seepage. Reliability is enhanced by the inclusion of an electronic low fluid cut off system and overheat protection.

Jem is also be exhibiting the AF-2 Fan. Either truss mounted or floor positioned, it can be remote or DMX controlled and can be used alone or as part of a complete fog system by linking with other Jem machines.

Also at the show is the Jem Glaciator X-Stream, a self-contained, "plug-in and go", low fog generating system. It has two built in high velocity fans, a new compressor, and newly designed chassis to ensure a continuous flow of dense white fog. It also features remote fluid capability, reduced noise operation, and a refrigeration capacity that has been increased by 50%.

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