High End Systems is debuting DL2--the third generation in its digital lighting line--at its booth #3249 at ETS-LDI 2004, Oct. 22-24 in Las Vegas. DL2 unites the worlds of automated lighting and digital video to create “virtual scenery” but with additional advanced features.

DL2 is a “smart” automated lighting system featuring an integrated digital media server. One single package houses a light engine, media server, and content--and it hangs and acts like an automated light.

DL2 also reduces space and installation time. There’s no need for RGB cabling, and servers are no longer necessary at the FOH position. DL2 resembles an intelligent moving luminaire and controls just as easily; it’s a plug-and-play operation using standard DMX cabling and protocols.

Its many features include: Digital Eye (infrared illuminator) is standard; ability to import 3D object images; two object layers (2D or 3D) and one mask layer; software based on Windows XP and DirectX; rotation and movement synchronization between DL2 units; movie playback synchronization between multiple DL2s; iris for full black-out; tiling with different viewpoints; edge blending for creating montages; custom-created library of digital art; scaling of objects on X, Y and Z axes; full color mixing; ability to change viewing angle/perspective on images; remote video input switching; and 400-degree pan and 270-degree tilt.

DL2 is the seventh member of the HES family of digital lighting products that includes DL1, Catalyst Pro v3.3, Catalyst Xpress, Catalyst DV 1.0, the Catalyst orbital head, and new for 2004, the debuting Axon v2 media server.

Debuting at ETS-LDI2004, the HES Axon v2 media server is a rack-mount unit that offers graphics effects for variety of video sources. For those who have their own video sources, the new Axon v2 offers a solution for unlimited graphic effects. The Axon v2 media server supports DMX, Ethernet and Wireless input control without the need for exterior protocol converters and devices. Multiple servers can be racked together with communication and content management achieved by High End Systems' unique Content Management Application (CMA).

Axon v2 media servers may be used with Soft LED curtains, Plasma monitors, LED Displays, LCD and DLP projectors and High End Systems DL1 Digital Light fixtures. High End Systems’ newly debuting DL2 integrated digital lights can also be operated seamlessly with Axon v2 media servers using the CMA and both have similar graphics protocols.

Axon v2 features include: 3U Rack mount chassis; software based on Windows XP and DirectX; Artnet Capabilities; wireless content download management system; movie playback synchronization between multiple Axon v2 and DL2s; rotation synchronization of X,Y and Z axes between multiple Axon v2 and DL2s; ability to change viewing angle/perspective; in and out frame selection; RGB to BRG to GBR color swap effect; fade up to white color effect; magnifying effect; digital iris; and remote access to file/directory structure for getting and putting files.

Visit the High End Systems website at www.highend.com or join in the discussion with other Visualists on the Digital Lighting Community at www.highend.com/Community/.