ETC (Booth #3300) introduces a new compact lighting control console, SmartFade, and Sensor+ SineWave Dimming. Attendees can also register to win a free SmartFade console in ETC's daily drawing. You don’t have to be present to win when the names are drawn around 4:00pm each day of the ETS-LDI show. (ETC employees, dealers and representatives are not eligible to participate.)

The newest addition to ETC’s Smart solutions compact lighting control family, SmartFade has three convenient operating modes: Two-Scene, Normal, and DMX Backup. The Two-Scene mode provides a concise, easy-to-operate 12- or 24-channel, two-scene preset console with a manual or timed crossfade section, bump buttons with master and a grand master. The Normal mode is designed for more experienced users, providing 48 or 96 channels with 288 or 576 memories and 48 sequences for expanded control functionality. The DMX512 input facility enables reliable backup for any DMX512 lighting console. In DMX Backup mode, 24 or 48 backup looks of 512 channels each are provided, with backups recorded as dimmer snapshot.

Button controls offer direct functionality. “Magic” will randomly build sequences or static lighting states until users see one that they like (a particularly useful feature for beginners). “Snapshot” will save a scene temporarily -- if, for instance, operators see something they like but cannot record at that moment. “Undo” does just what it says, and “Preview” will preview a scene as a bar chart before it is brought up on set. For more subtle effects, such as the exact fadetimes required by professional lighting designers, there is a menu system for programming at a more detailed level.

Back-lit LED buttons light up as the console is switched on and are completely dimmable. Users can set button brightness to suit their surroundings, whether working in a fully darkened control booth or bright sunlight.

SmartFade is available in two configurations: the smaller 12/48-channel 19” rack-mount version, measuring 18”x10”x2”, and the wider 27” 24/96-channel model, for larger applications. Control interfaces include MIDI or USB to a PC. The standard, off-the-shelf power supply ensures it can be used anywhere in the world.

ETC is also introducing its domestic Sensor+ SineWave product and its European-market based IES iSine™, designed in response to the demand for low noise solutions. This dimming technology eliminates the filament noise (the “lamp singing” or buzz) associated with other types of dimming. It virtually eliminates harmonic distortion and minimizes reactive power, while benefiting from lower voltage drop.

Additionally, SineWave dimming is tolerant of the poorest AC supply conditions and is able to accommodate generator supplies as well as control all popular light sources (resistive, inductive, and capacitive), including ballasted HMI fixtures and low-wattage LEDS.The new SineWave dimmer module (D20SW) is a dual, plug-in module for use in the Sensor+ SineWave racks.

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