Apollo Design Technology won two of the ESTA Dealers' Choice Product Awards which were presented by ESTA president Bill Groener during the LDI Awards Ceremony at the Stage Pro booth on Saturday, November 17 at LDI 2007 in Orlando, FL. Lex Products took top honors in the third category, adding to its list of LDI and ESTA Awards.

The 2007 ESTA Dealers' Choice Product Award Winners were:

Expendable Category:
Lex-Loc Cage Clamp NEMA Wiring from Lex Products Corp.

Widget Category:
Gel Miser from Apollo Design Technology

Equipment Category:
Right Arm from Apollo Design Technology

Apollo’s Right Arm adds pan and tilt capabilities to a wide range of static theatrical and studio lighting fixtures, allowing the designer to maximize the lighting rig without crowding fixtures or over-extending the budget. The Gel Miser, a widget designed to extend gel life and color, will be available first quarter 2008.

The Lex-Loc Cage Clamp NEMA Wiring device saves installation time; eliminates the step of opening / closing terminals with a screwdriver, and its all black color blends into scenery for theatrical and motion picture applications.

ESTA’s own annual dinner and awards ceremony were held on Thursday, November 15 at The Rosen Plaza Hotel, where the 2007 Frank Stewart Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to the ACN Task Group.