ZZYZX, Inc., worldwide distributor of ESP Vision software (booth #2086), is proud to announce the release of Vision 2.0, an advanced lighting simulation product. Vision 2.0 is the culmination of the last year’s response to feedback from lighting professionals worldwide as to their requirements and desires for a fully functional lighting previsualization tool.

The list of enhancements included in Vision 2.0 include physically correct light field rendering, next generation visual effects, true rigid body simulation for moving truss and set pieces, built in scene editor, enhanced patch tool, software console, print quality renderings, AVI creation, and reflective and translucent surfaces, among others. Vision 2.0 represents the single largest increase in ESP’s functional toolset to date.

In conjunction with this release, ZZYZX is sponsoring a contest where lighting designers create a lighting design on a previously designed set to a predetermined song. The resulting lighting design will be judged by independent lighting designers in the industry. The winner will receive the following from ESP Vision and its strategic partners:

Vision 2.0 Unlimited license

Vectorworks Spotlight with Renderworks Version 12

High End Systems USB DMX Super Widget

NVIDIA 7800 GTX Video Card

The total value of the prize package is in excess of $14,000, and will be awarded to the creator of the lighting design judged to be the best overall lighting design submitted. Additionally, the winner’s entry will become a part of the ESP Vision marketing campaign and posted to the ESP Vision website for download and review by other lighting designers. Complete rules, regulations and details of the contest can be found at www.espvision.com/contest.html

“ESP Vision’s real-time shadows, realistic photometrics and color mixing, plus true-to-life gobo and color wheel rolls have made Vision 1.1 a favorite among lighting designers,” says Dedrick Duckett, ESP Vision’s director of technology. “Vision 2.0 builds on these and as a result promises to be the ultimate live event previsualization tool, securing itself as the industry leader for years to come.”

Contact ESP Vision at 702-492-6923 or visit the website at www.espvision.com. For more information about Vectorworks, go to www.vectorworks.net. Additional information regarding High End Systems can be found at www.highend.com. NVIDIA video card data can be found at www.nvidia.com.

Vision 2.0, Vectorworks Spotlight, Renderworks, Super Widget and 7800 GTX are trademarks of their respective companies.