Elation Professional (Booth #2000) is introducing several new products, including UV Wash and Alkalite Octopod 80.

UV Wash is an ultraviolet fixture designed for mobile use and rentals. Weighing just 11 pounds, the unit uses a compact fluorescent UV lamp instead of the typical gas discharge lamps, which require a heavy transformer to operate. It has a strong aluminum case, and a 5mm shatterproof glass cover protects the lamp from breaking. Its 100W, 120V lamp operates on low amperage, but it's still bright enough to give full coverage at 25ft. Reflective glass mirrors amplify brightness and widen span without drawing additional power. The lamp itself has a life expectancy of 1,000 hours. Other features include die-cast aluminum sides, adjustable hanging bracket, convection-cooled vents, 2-Amp fuse breaker, and a grounded Edison socket.

Octopod 80 is an LED pod lighting system manufactured by Alkalite and distributed exclusively by Elation in North America. Consisting of a network of eight large lighting pods and a proprietary controller, it uses LED technology to produce a virtually infinite range of colors. Each pod is equipped with 90 LEDs--30 red, 30 green, and 30 blue--and uses RGB color-mixing technology. With all 90 LEDs turned on, it will generate extremely bright white light. The system also provides smooth transitions from one color to the next. Because the LED system produces no infrared and ultra-violet light, heat production is kept to a minimum. The life of the system is rated at 50,000 hours. The system includes a proprietary Pixel Drive X controller (required for operating the system), is yoke-mountable, and comes in a lightweight aluminum case. Eight signal cables are provided, with five-pin in/out connections on the rear panel of the controller. A unit-addressing switch is also included. The system's power consumption is 95W.

For additional information, visit www.elationlighting.com.