HelixNet is a digital intercom platform based on Clear-Com’s I.V.Core Technology. The first two products in the family are the HelixNet Main Station (HMS-4X) and HelixNet Beltpacks (HBP-2X). Supporting four channels and 20 beltpacks, HMS-4X offers a high-channel capacity and point-to-point matrix systems. It works on a variety of standard twisted-pair cabling, such as microphone cables and Cat5. The Main Stations can operate over preexisting cabling and eventually will connect via a standard LAN/IT network infrastructure. Power and audio channels are transported over a single cable. They have built-in expansion bays for 2-wire or 4-wire interface modules to connect with analog partyline, digital matrix, or wireless intercom systems. USB connectivity provides instant software and firmware maintenance and upgrades. The 2-channel Beltpack features tactile controls and bump-proof volume knobs, as well as a high-contrast OLED status display. The beltpacks interconnect passively, facilitating dynamic cabling options, including Y-splits, one-to-many splits, and daisy-chaining beltpack-to-beltpack, and a mix of wire gauge is possible.

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