Chauvet (booth #658) introduces new products and technologies at LDI, including COLORsplash 196, Fat Beam Technology, and the Q-Series™ of fixtures.

COLORsplash 196 is a seven-channel, linkable DMX-512 fixture fitted with 196 bright red, green, and blue LEDs that produce a high-output, richly colored wash suited for architectural, ambience-setting, and entertainment applications. The diodes are distributed in seven individually controlled, concentric circles, and they can produce a wide spectrum of colors via RGB mixing. Features include seven static colors, a color change program with 10 selectable speeds, five-color pattern chase programs with adjustable speed, and sound-active mode via the LED-BOSS optional controller. The lifespan of the diodes (85 red, 51 green, 60 blue) is estimated at up to 100,000 hours. Power is switchable, 115V/230V or 230V. Two other LED cans, the COLORmist and the DMX-512 COLORsplash Jr., housing 80 and 86 LEDs respectively, will also be showcased for the first time.

Fat Beam Technology allows operation of high-powered lasers in the US without a special variance from the FDA. Chauvet has incorporated this technology into three newly launched products: Scorpion LGX, Scorpion Scan, and Scorpion RG-55. All are equipped with 10mW diodes. Usually, only lasers up to 4.95mW can legally be operated in the US without a special waiver. The three Scorpions conform to FDA and IEC standards for class IIIR lasers and can be operated right out of the box. The new technology produces a beam with a diameter ranging from 0.39" to 0.55" (10mm to 14mm). The beam is larger than the maximum 0.275" (7mm) aperture of the human eye. This causes the eye to absorb only part of the light at any one time and never more than what is deemed safe by the FDA. The Scorpion™ RG55 10mW red and green laser and the Scorpion Scan 10mW green laser are DMX-controlled. Scorpion LGX is a portable, 10mW linkable green laser with wireless remote control.

The Q-Series™ is a range of intelligent fixtures designed primarily for nightclubs of all sizes and elite DJs. Featuring a consistent design and library of gobos and colors, the fixtures allow users to mix and match units across the line and still maintain a consistent look using a variety of fixtures and effects. The initial product launch encompasses four moving yoke spot fixtures, one moving yoke wash fixture, and four scanners. All nine feature a dimmer/shutter/strobe channel, speed control of pan and tilt, bi-directional color scroll, reset via DMX, quality built in programs, and very efficient fan cooling. Presented in exclusive silver or black casings, scanners Q-Scan™ and Q-Roll™ offer clean, crisp gobos and are fitted with 150W or 250W lamps. Q-Wash™ and Q-Spot™ yokes are fitted with 150W, 250W, or 575W lamps. All yokes feature smooth vector movement, interchangeable rotating gobos, automatic pan/tilt correction and 16-bit movement resolution. The power source is switchable, 110V or 230V.

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