Chauvet (Booth #3220) is exhibiting new products including: Legend™250RT Spot, Legend™ 250WT Wash, Legend™250 Zoom, and the Legend™ 575 Zoom.

Legend™ 250 Zoom is an 18-channel moving light that projects patterns, logos, glass gobo images, morphing gobos, and soft light. Multiple gobos, colors, prism, and effects can be layered.

Features include: linear motorized zoom (15 ° to 22 °), variable iris, variable strobe, motorized focus, mechanical dimming, 8-bit or 16-bit pan/tilt resolution, automatic pan and tilt correction, independent frost, micro-stepping motors, coated optics, two color wheels, one effect wheel, and two gobo wheels.

Movement range is 540 ° of pan by 280 ° of tilt. Optical encoders at the base of the head automatically correct the fixture’s position as necessary.

Each color wheel features five colors plus white. The effect wheel has one quad-color filter, one bicolor filter, two CT filters, two glass effects, one UV filter, and one open position. One gobo wheel features nine interchangeable gobos. The second gobo wheel features seven interchangeable, fully rotating, and indexing gobos plus open. All wheels can be superimposed.

An internal thermal sensor automatically adjusts the fan speed based on internal cooling requirement, allowing quieter operation. A multi-tap transformer allows selection of the following voltage operating range: 110V, 115V, 208V, 230V, 240V at either 50Hz or 60Hz.

Chauvet will also be showing Trackscan™ 250 DSR- ILS, Colortrack™ 250DCR-ILS, the ILS™ Control Center, COLORflex™ LED rope, Color Bank™ 12, and Color Bank™ 8.

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