New Generation Of Soundweb Boasts Advanced Programmable DSP/Matrixing Solution

BSS Audio (Booth #3114) introduces a new programmable DSP/matrix system, the Soundweb London range. The new family builds on the original Soundweb system and has been designed to meet four key objectives: easy to install, easy to design, easy to control, and easy to integrate.

London provides enhanced I/O configurations; dual-redundant CobraNet™ audio networking with greater network capacity and matrix sizes; more efficient DSP using Analog Devices SHARC(R) processors for double the DSP of the Soundweb 9088ii processor; a new core system design package written from the ground up; and integration of control, monitoring, and error reporting of Crown Audio's CTs Series of amplifiers using TCP/IQ PIP cards.

Control of the system is via an Ethernet topology, which can be integrated across an existing LAN (system design dependent). Ethernet integration has been made as simple as possible. The system includes auto IP addressing, where IP addresses are automatically assigned by the system, regardless of other hardware devices already installed. A logical extension to this is that every hardware device incorporates a web server so that browser-based diagnostics are possible, including manual override of IP addressing, if required, without the need for dedicated control software.

The open architecture of the system means that it may be possible in the future to include other products from Harman Pro companies, along with extensions to the Soundweb London hardware.

Additional details on the Soundweb London system is available at, while further information on Crown products can be found at BSS Audio is at