At the Avolites booth #2020, production models of all its lighting control products will be on show, including its newest products: the (wireless) eDMX and the D4 desktop system.

The Avolites eDMX system transfers DMX data across a Wi-Fi radio link--removing the need for DMX data cables. eDMX units are easily addressed and user configured--either as transmitters or receivers, allowing the fast set up of “Point-to-Point”, “Point-to-Multipoint” or “Multipoint to Multipoint” DMX Data Transmission Systems. Each transmit/receive pair of eDMX units relays data for one DMX universe at full speed, with ranges of up to 1 Km.

The deployment of eDMX is user definable--one per light, one per pipe or truss, or one just to overcome the front of house data leap. An advantage to rental and production companies, any eDMX unit may be instantly set as a transmitter or a receiver.

eDMX works across multiple networks--each eDMX contains its own unique addressing protocol and each unit can be set to receive data from a different universe for multiple universe situations.

Each eDMX unit can act as a pre-patch unit, saving users from having to re-address the moving light in situ. eDMX also has a complete inbuilt web server that can be used to view system configuration and channel signal-to-noise ratios.

The ART2000s(S for Solo) is the latest in the Avolites ART 2000 Series of dimmers. It is a cost-effective, stand-alone professional dimming module designed for distributed dimming systems. It's a standard 19" x 3U rack mounting module.

Main features include 100% Duty Cycle, low noise chokes and Studio Quiet cooling system, making it ideal for quiet stage or studio applications.

The ART2000s module is available in 10A, 16A, and 32A per channel current ratings. Options include dual DMX inputs with merge and patch for running two consoles, plus RCD Protection and level faders.

Avolites D4 Desktop
The Avolites D4 Desktop system is a fully functional “Virtual” Diamond 4 Console. “D4 Desktop” consists of several components running “Avolites D4” software – the OS for Avo’s Diamond 4 Elite & Diamond 4 Vision consoles.

The D4 Desktop has been designed to address two clear needs: The first being a fully functional and stand alone Back-up system for large Diamond 4 shows and also for smaller or “Hands Free” productions where access to the comprehensive control surface of the D4 Consoles is not required.

At the heart of the D4 Desktop system is a PC, running MS Windows XP with available USB ports.

Avolites Diamond 4 Vision console
The latest in the Diamond 4 Series, the Diamond 4 Vision is designed for large-scale shows, festivals, concerts, events and multi-purpose venues. It addresses the need for fast, accurate, and immediate control of numerous intelligent lights, conventional fixtures and other DMX devices. The D4 Vision builds on other consoles in Avolites’ Diamond 4 Series – the D4 Classic and the D4 Elite.

In addition to the 24 high-resolution graphic LCD screens, dual high-resolution color monitors ensure that the D4 Vision’s information is presented and formatted in an understandable style. All data is stored on the console’s hard disk, and can be backed up onto USB memory stick/CD or copied via the Ethernet connection to a PC.

Avolites Diamond 4 Elite lighting console
The D4 Elite console is streamlined to offer maximum power and functionality in minimum physical space, recognizing the need to use FOH and control spaces expediently.

The D4 Elite is cased in a smaller, lighter chassis, complete with 14 submasters and 96 assigned playbacks, with direct access to 96 fixtures or cues via the re-assignable Preset Playbacks. The electronic legending increases setup speed and allows the automatic configuration of a large programming Palette. It has dual VGA monitors.

Avolites ART2000-US dimmer

Avolites specifically designed the Art2000-US 20A digital dimmer for the American market. Offering full Mains Patching, virtually silent operation and 100% duty cycle, the 20A channels are meant to satisfy America’s growing demand for portable, high density touring dimming systems.

The system features a Mains Patch with 4 sockets per dimmer channel (total 192) to 162 Patch Cords connected to 25 Socapex and 12 Stagepin outlets. All patch cords are numbered, color coded and utilize the 32A-rated “Multi Lam” contacts.

Mains connection is via 5 wire Camlok inputs complete with Camlok loop outlets. The Rack system is supplied with Voltage and Current metering for all phases and neutral. Other features, like Onboard Channel or Memory Control, noise suppression to studio specifications, dual DMX input with merge and full soft-patching capabilities, make the Art2000 ideal for all types of production.

The full range of Avolites consoles was also on the stand including: the Pearl 2004--fast and user friendly, Sapphire 2004--optimized for theatre shows and large moving light rigs; the Azure 2000--the superclub controller; and the Azure Shadow--a powerful club and studio controller with "live" playback buttons.