American DJ (Booth #2000) is introducing new products at ETS-LDI, including Color 250D DMX, Scan Tron 250, Mega Flash DMX, and Concept:Color.

Color 250D is a 250W DMX color changer designed for mobile DJs, small clubs, and working bands. With three DMX channels and total 0-100% dimming control, the fixture produces seven colors plus white. The three-channel unit is also operable without a controller in sound active mode--built-in programs will automatically chase to the beat of the music. Multiple units can be linked together and operated in sync using standard XLR cable. The fan-cooled fixture also includes a fully adjustable focusing lens, and it comes with a hanging bracket and one 24-volt LL-ELC lamp.

The Scan Tron 250 is an upgraded version of the DMX-protocol Scan Tron "two-in-one" effect. Like its predecessor, it converts from a scanner to a color changer with gobos by removing its detachable X-Y mirror head. Many new, enhanced features are also offered: a 250W lamp; improved optics with a large 19° beam angle for lower ceilings; a digital display for setting DMX channels; and two built-in, instant light shows (no controller required) for large and small dance floors, respectively. Other enhancements include: a high-velocity cooling fan, which allows for extended operation with no on-off duty cycle; and a lightweight electronic transformer. Equipped with five DMX channels, other features include six colors, plus white and 11 gobos, plus spot, plus one quad-color. X/Y mirror speed allows for quick movement, and a separate shutter yields fast strobing in any color or gobo. Operation is possible in sound active mode, and the unit is also linkable with other units via XLR. Circuit breaker protection is included, as well as a ZB-ELC10 250W long-life Phillips lamp.

Mega Flash DMX, a powerful DMX-compatible strobe light with 800W of output. It outstrobes similar fixtures in its price range by as much as a brightness factor of four. Small and compact, the fixture weighs a mere 5 lbs. and comes with a durable, high-tech plastic case that protects it from damage during transport, setup, and breakdown. Users can control strobe speeds and adjust dimming from 0-100 percent via a standard DMX lighting controller. Speed- and dimming-control knobs are also located on the rear of the unit for operation without a controller. The fixture also can be set to operate in sound-active mode.

Concept:Color is a DMX color changer with the same design theme as its cousins, the Concept:1 and Concept:2 DMX combination scanner/laser effects. The new Concept:Color is suited for DJs, clubs, and bands, offering 15 colors plus white, along with two prism-like quadras that split the light beam into four colors. A removable frost filter provides a "wash" effect when desired. With two DMX channels that can hook up to a remote controller, Concept:Color can also be operated in sound-active mode. Multiple units will sync up with each other when linked master-slave via XLR in/out. A full-focusing fixture, it offers electronic dimming control that ranges from 0-100 percent. The fan-cooled unit features a 250W, 700-hour ZB-ELC7 halogen lamp that can be replaced through a conveniently located access door.

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