An Aviom digital snake–consisting of five AN-16/i Input Modules, five AN-16/o Output Modules and three A-16D A-Net Distributors–was installed for audio distribution at the opening ceremony at the 10th National Games at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Stadium in Nanjing, China. The Aviom gear was supplied by Acton Audio & Musical Instruments, (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., which is part of the Tom Lee Group.

“For the opening ceremony, more than 60 audio signals generated from the mixing console needed to be distributed to processors located 300m away,” says Jeffrey Lim, Aviom’s international sales manager for Asia. ”System designers Ruan Feng Audio & Lighting Company Limited decided against using a conventional analog snake system, choosing instead to use a distributed audio system from Aviom.”

The Aviom digital audio distribution system eliminated the need for long multi-core analog audio cables, and their potential for added ground loops and hum. The audio signals generated from the mixing console were connected to AN-16/i Input Modules where they were converted into high-quality 24-bit, uncompressed digital audio in the form of Aviom’s proprietary A-Net data transmission protocol. A-Net allows digital audio to be distributed over inexpensive, industry-standard Category-5e cables up to 150m. In this installation, A-16D A-Net Distributors extended the digital cables to 300m.

Mainland China’s most important sporting event before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 10th National Games, recently took place in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. President Hu Jintao officially opened the 12-day competition at the 60,000-seat Nanjing Olympic Sports Center. The games took place among 13 Jiangsu cities, featured 32 sports, and included almost 10,000 athletes.