Gearhouse In2Structures has launched a new Dome temporary venue, a versatile structure that can be transformed and configured according to the show or event’s requirements.

Fully portable when in its circular format, the Dome’s aesthetics make the space perfect for numerous uses and it is also well suited for use as a roof top structure. The structure is supported by trusses anchored directly into the ground and comes with full structural certification in all configurations.

The new Dome’s curves have been redefined, the arches have been increased in width and made more lightweight whilst retaining all the structure’s load-bearing capabilities.

The new wider arch opens the Dome venue’s width to 25.7m (allowing for additional banqueting tables when used in that context) and increases the maximum roof height to 12 meters. A broader curve at the apex of the arch increases the rigging and hanging capacities and allows for a substantially larger stage, whilst still leaving a 12.5 meter deep backstage area that can be used for rear projection, dressing rooms, etc.

There are currently two different versions of the Dome Venue: the Maxi Dome and the Flat Truss FT Dome. The Maxi Dome uses rectangular box trussing and offers 25.7 meters wide, with a 12.5-meter apex height, and 5.1 meter bays determine the final length of the structure; the 12-bay version measures 87 meters internally.

Each arch can accommodate a 1,500-center point load or 2500kg uniformly distributed load (UDL) per arch truss, making the rigging of lighting, screens, set pieces, or scenery flexible and very accessible. The new design comfortably exceeds a 120km per hour wind rating. A 100m Maxi dome can be transported on 4 interlinking trailer combinations of 12 + 6 meters in length and weighs 90 tonnes.

The FT Dome is a more lightweight version assembled from flat truss sections which uses an innovative bracing method to achieve its strength. The 20-meter wide by 10-meter high clear-span structure achieves a 1500kg UDL per arch with the arch spacing "Bays" at 3 meter intervals. A 60 meter long FT Dome consists of the two round ends (20.6 meters) and thirteen 3 meter bays. It’s assembled using pins instead of nuts and bolts (as the Maxi Dome).

The major difference is the cost and packing of this structure (a 60m x 20m FT dome weighs 20 tons and fits onto a single Interlink trailer.)

Multi layer membranes are white on the exterior and black Duraskin on the interior, providing a complete blackout for daytime events. A Teflon coating inside and out makes easy cleaning. The outer membranes slide into the aluminium extrusion and are raised above the trussing allowing easy access for rigging.

The In2Structures Dome structure includes the options of attachable mini domes as foyers, dressing rooms, and kitchens.