Acrofab Channel Truss, originated by William Stonecypher of Stone Pro Rigging Inc., is available in 16”x16”, 20”x20”, 30”x20”, and 30”x24” sizes in 2” or 1.9” diameters and in four colors: natural, flat black, silver vein, and black vein. The construction comprises a fifth inner chord linked to the four outer chords with no diagonal bracing between the top two chords. This V-groove enables multicables and feeder cables to run in the channel along the top of the truss, eliminating the need to install hangers or the use of electrical tape to hold cables. The truss can be inverted to support motor truss, curtain tracks, I-beams, or flush-mounted motors suspended from the center of the truss, reducing left-to-right torque along the length.