FogScreen, Inc. has announced their exclusive partners for the AV Rental Partner Program. FogScreen, Inc. are working closely with their domestic and international partners to sell and rent the elegant, fully interactive device that creates magical visual experiences wherever captivating an audience is essential, such as nightclubs, casinos, tradeshows, live stage events and high-end parties.

“Our partners have chosen the perfect time to team up with FogScreen, Inc.,” says Jorden Woods, president of US operations at FogScreen, Inc. “They are currently using the FogScreen™ projection screen to ramp up their rental revenues. Most of our gold and platinum partners are seeing a 300-500% ROI just 6-12 months after joining the program, due to an expanding market that is eager for our fog projection screen.”

Both platinum- and gold-level members are currently taking advantage of incentive-filled packages. FogScreen, Inc. is working intimately with all its resellers and dealers to provide added benefits, including website positioning, product access, and technical support for the one-meter and two-meter projection devices.

“FogScreen projection screen delivers the service and attention to details that we and our clients need,” notes Frank Hanes, president of Big Shoulders. “Because the FogScreen has been such a great addition to our rental business, we upgraded our service from gold to platinum. In turn, this has helped us expand into new territories for a market that is primed for new and fun ways to be visually entertained. We take great pride in the fact that we have installed well over 100 devices in over 60 different cities. We feel like we are practically apostles for the FogScreen projection screen.”

The FogScreen One (one meter) and Inia (two meter) are currently dazzling audiences worldwide. The one-meter-wide screen provides the option of seamlessly linking with additional FogScreen One projection devices. Both utilize patented technology to create a thin layer of fog that is dry to the touch and environmentally safe. If desired, fully interactive capabilities can be implemented as well.

The domestic and international partners currently benefiting from the FogScreen Rental Partner Program includes:

Domestic Partners
Midwest Region: Big Shoulders - Platinum
Florida: PRG - Gold
Northeastern Region: Mass AV - Platinum
Northern California/Hawaii/Oregon/Reno/Utah: Snader - Gold
Southern California: JLH Marketing - 1-800-929-2149 - Gold

International Partners
Brazil: Primetech Ind. e Com. Eqpts. Ltda. - Gold
Croatia: Orfej d.o.o - Gold
Czech Republic: - Gold
Denmark and Iceland: ATH! Markaðslausnir - Platinum
France: Stage Craft Company SA - Platinum
Macau: AV Professional Ltd - +852-3580-7700 - Gold
Italy: Euphon Communication SpA - Platinum
Kuwait: E-Soft Company - +965-240-3762 - Gold
Mexico: IntegraMerk - Platinum
Norway: Conventor AS - Gold
South Africa: Fogtech - Platinum
Spain: Paraddax Show: The Sensational Specialist - Platinum
RPG Producciones - Gold
Switzerland: Plasma Communication - Gold
Ukraine: Sof Art - Gold