Soundcraft has released a third model in the all-digital Urei 1601 Series of high-performance DJ mixers. The 1601E boasts a comprehensive digital effects section.

The effects section is built around a core of five effects (filter, delay, pan, cutter and flanger), but the 1601E also has a set of 25 combo presets in five banks that provide a range of unique chained effects sounds. For example, one preset could include a combination of filter, flanger, and delay effects. The effects can be individually assigned to each channel, and a bpm FX cross-fader allows the DJ to select the desired blend of effect and original sound with a wet/dry mix. Two effect parameter controls provide a way of modulating key parameters of each effect currently selected, plus there are five selectable effects speeds from 1/4 to 2/1.

Urei’s powerful bpm analysis engine automatically synchronizes the effects to the track bpm. Tap mode allows the DJ to manually set the effects bpm by tapping it in, which is very useful on tracks with no detectable bpm, such as scratch records and a cappella mixes.

A separate three-band isolator allows DJs to choose which frequencies of the music will pass through the effects section (LF, MID or HF).

All the standard features of the 1601 are retained, of course, including connectivity for six inputs, the Urei Exciter section, three-band isolator EQ, headphone EQ, adjustable channel fader curves, and both pro and standard output connectors.

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