Musicians for the new Off Broadway touring production of Urban Cowboy are enjoying their Hear Technologies personal monitoring system as part of the production package supplied by Northern Sound & Light (NSL).

When NSL began assembling the production package, a Hear Technologies system was at the top of the list. “As one of Hear’s largest dealers, we’ve experienced firsthand how a personal monitoring system can make a positive difference in the quality and consistency of a performance,” says Steve Raslevich, president and founder of NSL.

“Personal monitoring systems reduce stage volume; there is no slap back from the back wall of the stage due to stage monitors,” notes Scott Haas, vice president of sales for Hear Technologies. “As a result, the audience hears what the FOH engineer wants them to hear. Also, personal monitoring systems let each musician adjust their own mix to suit their personal preferences.”

Each musician on the Urban Cowboy tour has his own Hear Back Mixer, providing local control of up to eight channels of audio. For ease of setup, the system uses standard CAT5E cable for power and signal connection. Designed to fit on a standard microphone or desk stand, the Hear Back Mixer is perfectly suited for life on the road or in the studio.

Haas adds: “The great thing about our Hear Back system is that no matter what kind of venue, users sound the same to themselves. The musician’s performance is consistent. Actors in a live show have to cue off the music, so it is important to have repeatable performances night after night.”