HME has just introduced two new pro audio accessories, the HSI6000 Headset Interface and the Antenna Splitter/Combiner, for more expanded use with the DX Series Wireless Intercom Systems.

The HSI6000 Headset Interface allows users to connect a standard 2.5mm cordless or cell phone headset to an HME BP200 beltpac. Unique to the pro audio market, this adapter makes it more cost-effective for users of the HME DX Series Systems to replace headsets or add new users.

“We’re constantly creating new ways to add more flexibility to our wireless systems so customers can have more options on interface components while maintaining the amazing digital sound quality of the DX Series,” says Rick Molina, product manager of HME’s pro audio division. “The HSI6000 is so adaptable that you’re likely to find a low-cost headset at a local electronics store that can interface with our beltpacs.”

The 2-Way Antenna Splitter/Combiner expands the normal signal coverage area of the DX Series Wireless Intercom Systems so users can communicate in places that once had low or no signals. The Splitter/Combiner connects the DX Series base station and the antennas, making it possible to mount two additional antennas near the base station and two additional remote antennas.

“The Splitter/Combiner is a terrific solution to applications that had coverage issues where a signal is weak or non-existent,” adds Molina. “We can now find a clear signal for virtually any application for customers who once struggled with expanding the coverage to a specific desired area.”