UK manufacturer Turbosound has confirmed the appointment of Eurosell SpA to handle the distribution of its range of professional loudspeakers to the Italian market.

“Eurosell is extremely strong in the Italian installation market, where much of the core of Turbosound’s business has been for the last five years,” says Turbosound’s European sales manager, Chris Hinds. “The addition of Turbosound to its product line gives the opportunity to use this installation channel as a base to forge links both in the touring market and into the MI chain, thus increasing market potential.”

“The decision to move the Italian distribution to Eurosell is endorsed by all involved,” adds Fabrizio Sorbi, chairman of Proel. “It is based on current market demands, as well as on a more targeted strategy for our group’s development.”

Details of the new set up were recently announced at a press conference at SIB in Rimini.