Energy Transformation Systems (ETS) put out the SDS887 Distribution Hub last year, creating what sound designer Shannon Slaton called “a change in the ‘V’ of our ‘AV,’” (LD, January 2009, “Product of the Month”). He was referring to the way the system cleans up video distribution, yes, managed by the sound department. “No more will there be racks filled with VDAs and a spaghetti mess of RG-59s and video baluns. No longer will we be gripped in a chokehold by the insanity of video distribution,” says Slaton. “By using the SDS887, you eliminate the need for four VDAs, eight PV845s, and 32 short RG-59s. The rack goes from being a mess to being simple and clean.” Described simply by our judges as “an about-time product” and especially, as another notes, “since video distribution has become the province of the sound department,” we can’t agree more.