The latest edition of the Polar Focus Product Catalog for professional audio rigging installation or portable systems has been released. Turnkey Audio Rigging Systems from Polar Focus can also provide the complete scope from the roof attachment down to the eyebolts into loudspeakers, and everything in between.

Mike Akrep, president of Polar Focus Audio Rigging, says, “Audio rigging should be as easy as putting a mic on a mic stand.”

The Polar Focus catalog shows a large stock of standard hardware and describes all the

Turnkey Audio Rigging Systems, as well as the company’s Consultant Support Program, from large systems using speakers such as JBL’s newest VLA line array for stadiums, down to a pair of speakers neatly attached to wood beams in a small church.

Polar Focus specializes in reducing labor cost and variability by providing rigging systems which are preassembled to the maximum extent possible.

The new Polar Focus catalog is also online

As Akrep says, “You wouldn’t design and build your own amplifiers for a job.

Instead of trying to design your own rigging, you can have it engineered with a 10:1 design factor and built especially for speed of installation.”