NMR Staging & Events recently acquired Nexo GEO D10 Tangent Arrays and Nexo GEO Subs. By adding these new tools to their inventory, NMR Staging & Events can accommodate large-scale audio needs for clients. They can be heard throughout areas, large and small, as they pack a vibrant, pulsating punch that you can not only aurally perceive, but can feel as well. NMR is proud to be the first on the east coast to purchase the Nexo GEO D and GEO Sub.

“The GEO D has gone far beyond my expectations. I have always been a fan of Nexo Systems, but GEO D has quickly become my favorite. The GEO D allows NMR Staging & Events to service larger venues for our customers across the country,” states Lou Castellucci, director of Audio Services for NMR Staging & Events. “The clients who have recently experienced the GEO D have immediately noticed the remarkable clarity, especially in the vocal range when compared to prior line array systems used in the past.”