L-ACOUSTICS recently took advantage of the 119th AES Convention in New York City to announce the worldwide launch of two self-powered two-way coaxial loudspeakers, he 108P and 112P, both combining the significant advantages of L-ACOUSTICS' proven coaxial point source technology with the convenience of self-powered performance and on board digital signal processing.

Christian Heil, L-ACOUSTICS President comments: "The introduction of a self-powered line of products does not indicate a change in our strategy, but an emphasis of L-ACOUSTICS position towards multi-purpose, easy-to-use portable applications," says Christian Heil, president, L-ACOUSTICS. "It is not in our intention to extend the concept of self-powered speakers to the entire L-ACOUSTICS range. However this approach seems relevant to us for small-to medium-sized, bmulti-purpose systems."

Both 108P and 112P full range self-powered loudspeaker systems continue the proven coaxial technology lineage of L-ACOUSTICS. Coaxial design provides total wavefront coherency over the entire dispersion pattern and exhibit characteristics that are free of the polar lobing effects. The end result is natural, studio monitor-quality sound that is ideal for nearfield monitoring, proximity fill use and small-to-medium-sized FOH applications.

The 108P is a 500W / 250W bi-amplified loudspeaker containing a 1" exit HF compression driver coaxially loaded into an eight-inch LF transducer resulting in a 100-degree axisymmetric directivity. A precise and flat frequency response combined with exceptionally high power/size ratio allow the 108P to be used as a high performance near field monitor for live FOH mix engineering. Magnetic insulation also makes the system suitable for stereo or 5.1 monitoring in recording studio or post-production settings. For live sound reinforcement, the 108P provides optimum clarity for demanding applications such as classical music and opera. The wedged-shaped format also provides a visually discrete solution for floor monitoring.

The 112P is a 1000W mono-bridged amplified loudspeaker containing a 1.4" exit compression driver with pattern control loading provided by a 12" transducer with 90-degree axisymmetric directivity. The combination of outstanding sonic performance with high SPL, make the 112P the speaker of choice for high performance multi purpose applications. Due to its compact, wedge-shaped format and axis symmetrical directivity, the 112P provides a floor monitor solution.