Kevin Sanford, owner and founder of Wireless First has announced that he has signed up as a dealer for IntraCom Systems LLC. IntraCom is the developer of VCOM, a software-based, multi-channel, multi-access Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) professional communications solution that is based on a dedicated client/server architecture.

The VCOM Virtual Matrix summing and mixing software engine will be hosted on servers at Wireless First’s office. Rental clients will have licensed access to the system via any Internet-connected desktop or laptop PC, allowing point-to-point and conference communication via USB headsets. Standard two-way radios and four-wire communication systems may also be interconnected using commonly available third-party USB and FireWire audio and logic/GPIO interface hardware.

A PCI card interface supporting four analog telephone lines will shortly be available and an application is in development for handhelds enabled with Windows Mobile 5 that will bring professional comms functionality to devices with access to a Wi-Fi network. “The implications and the applications for this system over the next 24 months are unbelievable,” comments Sanford. “It’s very forward-thinking. The possibilities are endless.”

Sanford, who regularly provides large multi-channel communications systems to major television awards shows nationwide such as the MTV Video Awards, Country Music Awards, and the Grammys, believes that VCOM will save his production clients time and money. “Just on the award shows that I do, how much time and money is spent on labor and everything else trying to get that last comms panel to the producer who wants it in the trailer outside? If the guy has a laptop I can just give him a VCOM license and say, type in this IP address and here’s your web key.”

On the other side of the spectrum, the IntraCom system also offers users a low cost of entry to professional grade comms technology: “VCOM can be very cost-effective in smaller applications such as schools and theatres where they can’t afford a huge, multi-channel system but have a few people with laptops who need to call the show and interface walkie-talkies and other devices.

“The beauty of IntraCom is that you can interface anything and it looks just like a digital intercom panel sitting on your laptop. With your cell phone or laptop headset you’ve opened up endless communications possibilities.”