Danley Sound Labs has introduced the SH-LPM, a compact, low-profile, full-range floor monitor. The latest addition to Danley’s Synergy Horn product line, the high-fidelity SH-LPM sets a new benchmark for floor wedges with a wide dispersion, horn-loaded system that offers performance, clarity, and low-profile aesthetics in a birch ply enclosure with a robust steel grill and a fully enclosed and protected connector panel.

Notes Mike Hedden, president of Danley Sound Labs, “In side by side comparisons with very established competitor’s wedges the Danley SH-LPM has substantially better gain before feedback and overall fidelity and yet it will get very loud as well. The box only weighs 40 lbs and is so tiny there isn’t enough room for a powered version. The monitor can easily supply even coverage over a wide area thus minimizing the number of required wedges which reduces stage clutter and stage sound pressure levels. In addition, knowing that accidents happen such as a drinks getting spilled or, at outdoor festivals, a surprise rain shower, the newly designed grill completely protects the driver from liquids getting through.”

The large horn mouth offers substantial directivity through 110 degrees of conical dispersion with excellent front-to-back rejection and greater gain before feedback—a critical factor in many stage monitor applications. The SH-LPM is capable of a maximum SPL of 120dB continuous or 123dB program, with a sensitivity of 95dB SPL (-1dB 70Hz – 20kHz, measured as 28.3V input free space at ten meters). Power handling is 400W continuous, 800W program.

The SH-LPM houses an eight-inch coaxial transducer in a braced Baltic birch enclosure measuring just 13.7” (347 mm) high by 21.5” (545 mm) wide and 18.3”(464 mm) deep, and weighing 42 lbs. (19.05 kg). The low profile wedge operates across a frequency range of 65Hz – 20kHz (+/- 3dB; 50Hz – 24kHz +/-10dB) and offers high frequency coverage that is smooth throughout the dispersion pattern.

The Neutrik NL4 speaker input and link-through connectors are mounted on a recessed panel that protects them from accidental damage or disconnection. With the cables connectors fully enclosed, the SH-LPM can be turned on its side completely hiding the cable and connector. This is very useful in side fill or front fill applications where a clean stage appearance is desired.