Danley Sound Labs introduces a new down-fill loudspeaker, the SH-DFA, to the SH Series. This new asymmetrical full-range horn is designed to seamlessly integrate with the SH-50 loudspeaker series. The SH-DFA fits the exact footprint of the SH-50 and is only nine-inches high, with a coverage pattern of 50 x 100 x 50. Designed to maintain considerable pattern control due its depth makes the SH-DFA a very unique problem-solving product.

All the models in the SH Series are high-output, fully horn-loaded, loudspeakers that perform exceptionally well without the need for additional, expensive signal processing. The SH-50 technology amalgamates two Danley Sound Labs technologies: the Tapped Horn and the Synergy Horn (both patent-pending designs) for exceptional low-frequency pattern control, incomparable audio quality, seamless arrayabilit,y and low-frequency extension. Each model is also available as a powered option using Class D audiophile power and on board DSP.