Symetrix has announced that it is now shipping all SymNet CobraLink units with fully loaded CobraNet channel counts. The full 64-channels (32 x 32) of CobraNet audio capacity are included in its CobraLink product, eliminating the hassle of upgrading or additional licensing down the road.

As digital audio networks continue to expand and become more complex, higher CobraNet channel counts are a necessity. The CobraLink unit serves to bridge SymNet SymLink hardware to any industry-standard CobraNet audio network. It also provides a means to network SymNet Express Cobra units with SymLink hardware, facilitating both distributed and centralized DSP system design models.

With this recent announcement, Symetrix further strengthens their commitment to using CobraNet technology. Last year, Symetrix also announced a CobraNet upgrade for its SymNet Express Cobra series. All Express Cobra models utilize the CS181022 chip from Cirrus Logic, providing 16 x 16 CobraNet audio channels, also without licensing fees. Four SymNet Express Cobra models are differentiated by their analog I/O configuration: Express 12 x 4 Cobra, Express 4 x 12 Cobra, Express 8 x 8 Cobra, and Express 4 x 4 Cobra.