Located in Zwalm, a municipality in Belgium's Flemish province of East Flanders, Calypso Event Production provides sound for a variety of applications, including corporate functions, theatre shows, and outdoor events. Calypso CEO Serge Cosijns was looking to expand his company and set out in search of a line array system that would meet his needs. His search ended at Meyer Sound, where he placed an order for a complement of self-powered M’elodie™ ultracompact high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers.

“I was present the first day M’elodie was shown at the Frankfurt Pro Light + Sound Exposition,” Cosijns recalls. “I was immediately impressed by the product and the Meyer Sound philosophy. Later, when I attended the first European demo of M’elodie together with the people of Meyer Sound Belux, I became convinced about the system and decided that my business expansion would be built on Meyer product.”

Calypso purchased a system of 12 M’elodie cabinets and four 600-HP high-power subwoofers. While Cosijns bought the system for its “excellent sound quality, which stays clean at high power,” he quickly became enamored of its rigging and packaging. “It’s very simple to build-up, fly, or stack the M’elodies with the 600-HPs using a transition frame,” he says. “I also liked the way the system was transportable—the fact I could put four boxes with a cover on a caster frame impressed me.”

Cosijns also embraced Meyer Sound’s other system tools, purchasing an LD-3 compensating line driver and making use of MAPP Online Pro™ acoustical prediction software.

Calypso’s M’elodie system has been an immediate success, so much so that demand for it has already exceeded the company’s capability to meet it. “I’ve decided to buy more M’elodie boxes so that I can have multiple systems to rent,” says Cosijns. “My customers like M’elodie and so now they are demanding Meyer Sound!”