XL Video has invested in a wide range of new video and AV equipment to help meet its phenomenally busy summer touring and business events schedule.

Future Projections

This includes six brand new Barco B10 mobile LED trucks, each offering 10 square metres of high resolution, rotating LED screen surface. Its UK debut was in the Honda Hospitality area at the British Grand Prix, Silverstone, and they will be used at a host of festivals and outdoor events throughout the summer.

They have also bought a fleet of the new High Definition Barco FLM 20 water-cooled 18,000 ANSI lumen projectors for assorted tours. XL’s hectic touring and event summer schedule includes work with Foo Fighters, The Who, Roger Waters, and Robbie Williams.

Other projector purchases included new Panasonic XP12s and a selection of lenses and lamps for XL’s fleet of Digital Projection Lightning 35HD high definition machines. Additionally, nine Digital Projection Lightning SX30s have been bought and installed onto the Sinatra show at the London Palladium Theatre.

XL has bought more GV Kayak and Zodiac PPU systems to deal with the upcoming volume of work, plus Barco’s Events Manager software system.

Assorted new hard drive storage units include 10 Doremi V1-HD high definition hard drive units and 14 GV Turbo IDDR high definition hard drives. There are also new Folsom Image Pro HD scan converters, bringing the current available total to 35.

All XL’s High Endy Catalyst DL1 moving head projectors have been upgraded, and all the Catalyst digital media servers have been upgraded to Version 4, with the Catalyst inventory doubling in size.

High definition preview monitors have been bought to accompany the Barco Folsom Encore systems, and a fleet of 32 inch NEC monitors has been added to stock.

First in the UK with Lightengine

On the LED front, XL is the first UK company to invest in the new Lightengine Patch 560 LED surface from Lightengine. This is being used on the ITV 4 series “World Cuppa”.

Lightengine Patch is a new rugged, waterproof, lightweight low resolution display that can be used to wrap around complex structures very quickly, speeding installation time and enabling previously impossible configurations.

Available in 1,200mm x 750mm elements, each weighing under 4kg and less than 25mm thick, the Lightengine panels and can be joined together to make up any required surface area.

Other LEDs added to the inventory is 4,400 Barco MIStrips. Measuring 1.5m long, these slim, high pixel-density LED strips are currently on tour with Bon Jovi.

Over 1,000 1.5m Element Labs Versa™TUBES have been used on Mariah Carey, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and will support George Michael later this year.

XL has also increased stock of most of its other modular indoor and outdoor LED systems, including Lighthouse and Barco, plus a quantity of high resolution Barco S10 XP LED screen for touring.

New Lighting Gear

Additional Martin Professional MAC 700 moving lights and Hog 500 lighting desks have been purchased.

XL Video’s busy Business Events division is joined by project manager Terry Kerley, a lifelong AV technician latterly at London’s ExCel Centre, to help maintain and grow its increasing portfolio of production companies.